http://frosteyes.dk is a private blog, run by Claus Stovgaard.

UsualIy the topics in the blog will be inside the following categories:

  • Electronic – I have a BA in electrical engineering, and a MS in Robot Systems Engineering, so it comes naturally to post entries having an electronic association.
  • Linux – I use Linux and other unix types for everything between embedded systems to servers.
  • Projects – Category for different projects I have. An example would be a Linux cluster.
  • Programming – Comes from my daily work as a firmware design engineer at Phase One. It correlate with the electronic category.
  • Private – Private stuff which I want to blog about. I could be something from my family and other elements from my life.

Who is Claus Stovgaard?
I am a guy from September 1984, living in Skovlunde together with my girlfriend Marie and our 2 kids – Mikkel and Karla. My everyday workplace is Phase One in Frederiksberg, where I work as an Firmware Design Engineer. You can find all the facts about me in my CV.

Beside my work, I spend my time together with Marie and our kids, doing sport, playing guitar, and with friends and family.

There will be program code, shell scripts, and other things not covered by the copyright section below. In those cases the valid copyright and/or license will be written directly in the code. If nothing else is stated, the following section is valid.

The copyright law protects all contents of this blog, including but not limited to text and images. Any reproduction of the contents, or part hereof is only permitted by express written permission from Claus Stovgaard. Permission is obtained by contacting me over email claus@frosteyes.dk.