Lego Apollo Lunar Module

The people around me knows how fascinated I am about the Space Race. From the launch of Sputnik 1 in 1955, over project Mercury and Gemini culminating with the Apollo program. So when the Lego Ideas set for the Saturn V arrived last year, it made it to the top of my wish-list. Luckily I got it and had a great time building it together with Marie.

As my son is 4 years old now, I have also been at my parents and pickup all my old Lego. A fun element was getting my old Lego Apollo Lunar Module set. I inherited it from our neighbors when I was a young kid. This old set was properly part of what got me fascinated by the space race from a young age.

So I decided to share the below image, showing the new Apollo Lunar Module as part of the Lego Ideas set 21309 from 2017, and the old Apollo Lunar Module in the background part of my Lego set 367, released in 1975.  So two official Lego versions of the Apollo Lunar Module, with an age difference of 42 years.

Legos Apollo Lunar Module (The old model 367 and from the new Saturn V set – 21309)

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